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Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City

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6 October
82m² To 371m²
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Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City

6 October

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Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City - Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City is a residential compound project for Palm Hills Real Estate Company, it is strategically located near important vital areas and its connection to transportation means such as high-speed trains and the fourth line of the metro. There are also many residential units, such as apartments, penthouses, townhouses and regular and large villas, helping you to choose your preferred unit, all in an atmosphere full of luxury, full services and modern and modern designs.

The executing company for Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City

Palm Hills is the executing company for the Badia City project, 6 October. It is a leading real estate company that started in 2005. It is owned by Mansour and his partners. The company owns the largest bank of land that spreads over a very large area about 27 million square meters. The company relies on its designs on expert engineers and uses modern architectural means, and it is interested in modern designs that achieve everything that family members want.

Location of Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City

Badya palm hills is located in the most prestigious areas in the city of October 6, which is about 10 minutes from the city center and thus an important link between east and west Cairo.

The compound is located on Al-Wahat Road, which is only 15 minutes away from the Pyramids of Giza. As for the center of Cairo, the distance between them is only about 30 km.

The Palm Hills Compound project is characterized by its connection with modern transportation, such as high-speed trains, monorail, and the fourth metro line.

Areas of Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City

The Badya Palm Hills project covers an area of 360 acres, and includes many residential units and various services.

Palm Hills has also worked on providing residential units in its various forms between apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and villas. The spaces start from 82 m to 371 m, each residential unit ranges in a variety of areas to give you the opportunity to choose between units according to what suits your needs and the number of your family members. All of this is with innovative modern designs that fulfill everything the family members need.

Features of Badya Palm Hills 6th of October City

Palm Hills Compound project is characterized by many important advantages that make it on your list when thinking about buying your own unit, the most important of which are:

1. The distinguished location in the most prestigious areas of the city of October 6 and close to the Pyramids of Sycamore and central Cairo, about 30 km.

2. The ability to use the developed means of transportation due to the proximity of the compound, such as monorail and the fourth metro line.

3. Attractive modern design of the units.

4. Swimming pools and health and social clubs.

5. Recreational places for children.

6. Security and guarding service located throughout the day.

7. The university inside the compound.

8. Green areas with high proportions and a distinctive land scape.

9. The availability of many units in various areas gives more opportunity for customers to choose according to their capabilities.

Prices of Badya Palm Hills Compound

Get your residential unit inside the Palm Hills compound project and get all integrated services with great payment facilities.

Palm Hills Company offers units inside the project at a price starting from 1.108 million pounds to 8.444 million pounds, by paying an advance payment of only 5% and paying the rest up to 8 years, and the company announced the delivery date of the units in 2022 AD.

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