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Eleven Mall New Capital

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Eleven Mall New Capital


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The Eleven Mall New Capital project is considered one of the most important administrative and commercial projects that are located in the heart of the new administrative capital, where the integrated services provided by New Plan based on the implementation of the project, if you are one of the owners of commercial and administrative projects, do not miss 

the opportunity to miss and reserve your unit in the finest places in the new administrative capital and enjoy the lowest prices.

The executing company for Eleven Mall New Capital

New Plan Company is the executing company of the Eleven Mall New Capital project. This project is considered the first huge administrative and commercial project located in the heart of the administrative capital and one of the company’s newest projects. The company owns another group of lands in the new administrative capital located in three regions where three investment projects were established as follows:

1. Serrano project, the new administrative capital, which is located in the District of the seventh residential neighborhood.

2. Attica project, the new administrative capital, which is also located in the District of the Seventh District.

The CEO of New Plan is Walid Khalil Al-Saudi, who owns half of the company’s shares. New Plan is an Egyptian-Saudi joint-stock company owned by Youssef Siddiq, Hussein Hammam Mohammed Rashid, and Walid Khalil.

The volume of the company's investments in Egypt has reached about 8 billion Egyptian pounds, whose projects are characterized by creativity, luxury and interest in its customers, which made it one of the important real estate companies in Egypt.

Location of Eleven Mall

The Eleven New Capital project is located in the heart of the new administrative capital, specifically in Area B1-11, so the name Levin was called on this project.

The Eleven Mall New Capital is located close to the important buildings, as it is located next to the presidential palace and important administrative buildings such as the Ministries and Parliament Complex. It also features near the Opera House and the Central Bank, and is located behind the Al Massa Hotel, just two minutes from the regional ring road.

The project overlooks an important and main street and spans about 90 meters. It is also located on the corner of a secondary street, about 60 meters long.

Areas of Eleven Mall New Capital

The area of the units in Eleven Mall ranges from 43 m to 456 m, which are suitable for all clients and give a great opportunity to choose between large and small spaces according to their needs in their commercial or administrative project and according to their financial capabilities.

The units are creatively designed to be a distinct design among the designs found in commercial and administrative projects.

Features of Eleven Mall New Capital

The Eleven Mall New Capital project has many advantages. The executing company was keen to provide them. The most important of these advantages are the following:

1. The privileged location of the mall is in a vital and important place which makes it a successful and safe project.

2. Designing the units inside the project in a creative and distinct way from other projects.

3. The presence of adaptations within the Eleven Mall project.

4. High-quality and fast internet to facilitate business requirements.

5. Security service throughout the day.

6. Conference and meeting rooms equipped with modern means.

7. Distinct land scape to feel comfortable and add an atmosphere of joy to clients.

Prices of Eleven Mall New Capital

The executing company for this project, New Plan, provided the units inside the mall with special prices according to the existing designs and services, in order to encourage customers on projects and investment.

The unit prices range from 1.715 million pounds to 41.140 million pounds, in installments over seven years without advance payment, and units are to be delivered within 3 years of the contract.

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